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There are countless factors that may cause a creative to experience a mental block; from stress to mental fatigue to anxiety and in some cases, self-doubt.

While the general solution is taking a break from cerebral activities, sometimes all you may need is a simple spark that will get your creative juices flowing again! 

If that’s the case (as it usually is) then buckle up as we take a ride through a list of content ideas that will surely inspire you and ignite your imaginative fire once more.

For simplicity’s sake, we’re going to break the list into ten major niches with ten ideas under each category. 

  1. Health and Fitness    


  • The Step-by-Step Guide to Losing Weight at Home.

  • Work-out Routines For Lazy People.

  • Easy Morning Exercises To Do Before Going To Work/Staying Fit When You Have A Busy Schedule.

  • The Hidden Truth About Weight Loss Products.

  • Tips To Achieve Glowing Skin in No Time. 

  • 100% Natural Home Remedies for Acne.

  • How to Get Rid of a Pimple Quickly.

  • 20 Ingredients that you should add to your Diet.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Growing Healthy Hair.

  • Proven Steps to Stop Hair Breakage.

  1. Gadgets and Technology 

  • Complete Guide to the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency For Dummies.

  • Step-by-Step Guide to Programming Languages For Newbies.

  • Full-Proof Manual For Web Development.

  • Complete Breakdown of UI/UX Design.

  • How to Safely Guard Your pc Against Viruses Online.

  • How to Diagnose and Fix Software Issues on Your Mobile Device.

  • Complete Guide to the Foreign Exchange Universe.

  • 15 Must-Know Hacks To Prevent Storage Issues On Your Phone.

  • How to Completely Surf The Net Anonymously.

  • 10 Tips For Slow Coders.

  1. Relationships

  • How to End A Toxic Relationship.

  • Proven Steps On Getting Over Your Ex.

  • How To Use The Friend-Zone To Your Advantage.

  • Red-Flags You Must Lookout For Before Choosing A partner.

  • 70 Things You Should Do To Spice Up Your Relationship.

  • How To Know and Communicate With Your Partner In His/Her Love Language.

  • Tips On Confidently Approaching Your Crush.

  • 6 Couple Activities That’ll Tighten The Bond Between Lovers.

  • 20 Conversation Topics Every Guy Needs To Know.

  • Keeping Your Love Life On Track In A Long-Distance Relationship.


  1. Business and Finances

  • How To Make Money Online With Little Or No Capital.

  • Guaranteed Ways To Raise Capital For Your Startup.

  • How To Create A 99% Converting Business Proposal.

  • 5 Tips For Business Pitches.

  • Creating An Extra Source Of Income In Less Than 1-Month!

  • Making Your First $100 Online

  • 15 Important Steps In Crafting A Convincing Email

  • Important Hacks To Prevent You From Losing Money Online.

  • How To Track and Re-target Ghost Site Visitors.

  • 7 Rules You Must Know Before Investing.


  1. Self-Improvement

  • How To Be The Most Confident Person In Any Room.

  • 10 Must-Try Daily Activities For Confidence Boosting.

  • Easiest Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills.

  • Reading A person’s Deepest Thoughts Through Their Body Language.

  • 100% proven Methods On Maintaining A positive Aura.

  • Productivity Tips Every Student Needs To Know.

  • 15 Life-Lessons Every Leader Must Understand.

  • 7 Historical philosophies That Help In Building Mental Strength.

  • Step-By-Step Guide On Avoiding procrastination.

  • How To Get Rid Of Your Addictions In Less Than A Month.

  1. Helpful Hacks

  • Helpful Maintenance Hacks Every Home-owner Needs.

  • Hacks For Insomnia For Struggling Night-owls.

  • Home Remedies For Burns and Cuts.

  • Study Hacks For Dummies.

  • The Best Methods To Trick Your Body Into Drinking More Water.

  • Easiest Ways To Control Your Emotions In Awkward Situation.

  • Complete Guide To Time Management.

  • 12 Laws Every Car-Owner Must Follow.

  • Simple Hacks On Preventing Insect Invasions In Your House. 

  • Daily Activities That Will Improve Your Memory In No Time. 

  1. Pets

  • How To Train Your Dog In 2-Weeks.

  • Rules Every Pet-Owner Needs To Know.

  • 10 Things To Lookout For When Buying Pet-Food.

  • Daily Fun Exercises To Keep Your Cat Fit.

  • How To Trick Your Dog Into Enjoying “Bath-Time”.

  • Home Remedies For A Restless Pet.

  • Dog-Care Tips For A Busy Person.

  • How To Declaw Your Cats At Home.

  •  15 Ways To Keep Your Pet From Smelling.

  •  5 Healthy Home Made Pet Food Ideas!


  1. Parenthood

  • 7 Behavioural Traits Every Parent Should Know.

  • How To Harness Your Kids Talent at A Young Age.

  • Keeping Your Kids Fit Without Stunting Their Growth.

  • Tips For Children’s Mental and Emotional Development.

  • Easy But Effective Discipline Ideas For Children.

  • How To Get Your Children To Sleep Early. 

  • Home Remedies For Minor Children-Injuries.

  • Healthy Foods Every Heavy Mother Should Try Out.

  • Managing Your Temper and Emotions Around Your Kids.

  • Easy Ways To Ensure Your Children Don’t Get Bullied In School.

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