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How The Ranking System Works On Astalavee


When you log in to your Astalavee Account one of the first things that stand out on the Dashboard is the royal-purple-colored bar that cuts across the screen horizontally known as the “Rank Bar”

This bar is there to track the progress of all your campaigns and assign reward/ranking points to you based on the aforementioned stats. Think of it as the reward you get for sales besides money!

How It Works 

The ranking system on Astalavee keeps track of the number of successful sales each User (i.e Creator or Affiliate Marketer) makes and rewards him/her with points that would be displayed (privately) on the “Rank Bar”. 

This is important because the Astalavaee Ecosystem encourages creators to work and collaborate with each other. So what better way to know a potential content partner than with the ranking system? 

Over time, as sales continue to trickle in your ranking will move from “Beginner” all the way to  “Professional” to “Manager” and even “CEO”!

So if you’re just starting out, don’t be discouraged by your rank, instead, be motivated to work ten times harder and the sky will be your starting point! 

~Feel free to shoot us a mail or schedule a call with the customer care representatives if you have any problems!




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