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How To Earn Passive Income On Astalavee


Astalavee is a dynamic one-of-a-kind platform where Creators can sell their content seamlessly and earn from the comfort of their homes anywhere in the world

With Astalavee, users can in various ways; from Selling Their Own Content to Collaborating with Their Fellow Professionals, to Selling other Creators’ content as an Affiliate Marketer, and our focus on this write-up, Simply Referring a Friend

The referral system on Astalavee is the true definition of passive income. There are only two steps and after completing those steps you can recline your seats and watch the money come to you.


Step One 

Firstly you’ll need to log in to your Astalavee account and then click the “Refer a Friend” button at the bottom half of the sidebar. 

After clicking the button, the “Referral” page would come up and at that point, you would have access to your own unique referral link which you can copy by clicking on the “Copy Link” button.

This Unique Link would help Astalavee keep track of all the sales that come from the users in your network and help you get paid accordingly!

Step Two

This stage is all about sharing your link with as many of your Creator Friends as possible! 

Once you get your Content Creator buddies to register using your link then it’s all a numbers game. You’ll earn 1% of every single sale your referral makes without having to do anything but relax! 




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