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How To Upload A Product on Astalavee

UPLOADING A PRODUCT At this stage, you should already be logged in and able to view your fresh dashboard! Uploading your product/content would take only a few easy steps, the first being to click on the product section on the sidebar. Immediately you click on the product section, the CREATE and AFFILIATE options would pop up. PRODUCT DETAILS Since we’re trying to upload a digital product, the “Create” option should be chosen and that will then take you to a fresh page where you can input the details of your new product. At this point, all the fields should be filled appropriately to avoid an error message. These fields include the Product Title, Format (E-book, Video, or Other Content-Type), and Engaging Description. After filling the required fields hit the next button! PRODUCT THUMBNAIL That would lead you to the next step where you can upload your product thumbnail by simply hitting the ‘Select Thumbnail’ button. After choosing and uploading your Thumbnail, you can decide the Pricing of your Product on the next page. PRODUCT PRICING It can either be Free A Premium Product, where you can start selling immediately. Here you can set your selling price and enable features like a discount timer (where you can give it for a ‘lower’ for a limited amount of time) and the affiliate option (where affiliate marketers can promote your product for a percentage of the sale price that you decide!). A Pre-order Product, where you can set a release date for your product and start selling before that time. You can also decide to enable the discount timer and/or the affiliate option. Or a Value-for-Value Based Product, where your audience decides how much they are willing to pay for your product (ranging from N500 to infinity)! After the pricing of your product has been dealt with, you would be required to hit the “Next” button at the bottom of the screen and then you can upload your product (Document, Video, or Other types). SUCCESS! After uploading your product, if all the steps were followed correctly a ‘Success’ pop-up should emerge! EDITING, DELETING, VIEWING, OR SHARING YOUR PRODUCT It is also important to note that even after uploading your product, you can decide to edit your newly uploaded product simply by hitting the “Action” button. When all is said and done, with all the steps in mind you should have successfully uploaded your first product! Easy right? AFFILIATE SECTION NAVIGATION In order to access the Affiliate Section, the first step would be to click on the “Product” button on the sidebar and then click on the “Affiliate” button among the options that dropdown. After doing this you should land on the main Affiliate Network Page where you can view and delete the product you’re marketing, the people affiliating your product, and the analytics. SOURCING FOR A PRODUCT Naturally, when starting out you would be required to browse through the available products in the Astalavee Affiliate Marketplace and then pick the product(s) that catches your eye. To do this simply click on the “Source for Products” button and then start your affiliate marketing journey on Astalavee! ~Feel free to shoot us a mail or schedule a call with the customer care representatives if you have any problems!




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