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Introductory Lecture on DCC (Digital Content Creation)

What’s Digital Content Creation?
Digital content creation is a high-income skilled business that requires you to create your own digital content or source for resealable content created by others, with or without having expertise in a particular field (yeah I said with or without having expertise in a particular field, as a matter of fact, I’ve sold digital content on Cryptocurrency when I had no knowledge about it, all I did was hire an expert in the field then perform a documented interview which was resealable).

Does this business actually work?
Depending on your definition of how stuff works, as a matter of fact, I made my first 6figure under 31days from this business, Bitcoin Chief, Africa largest Cryptocurrency trader made over 50million naira in 10months with this business, the sixfigurechick made over 180million naira under 6 months with this business....so basically it depends on your definition of “How Stuff Works”

So basically what format can you start your digital content creation business.
We’ve got large options to select from I’ll list out some few Ebook(electronic book), audiobooks, webinar, live coaching, one on one coaching, videos, blog post, membership subscription service, paid WhatsApp status views and lot more.

So what niche can you create digital content for?
In the actual sense, any niche
Any niche can be monetized to create paid digital content.
Health, fitness, wellness, fitness, business, relationship, sexuality, cook and recipe, bedroom and marriage, fashion, entertainment, technology, and a lot more.
You don’t just pick a niche because you want to, pick a niche with a starving crowd, the best advice is to carve out a sub-niche with a starving crowd, instead of going into a broad niche like Drug you can pick a sub-niche under this like “Marijuana ” now you’re targeting only marijuana consumers, less competition and more conversion, you could roll out a digital content with a title like “How to get rid of marijuana in your system within 24hrs of consumption” you know how crazyyyy this is??? Content to help pass a drug test! Especially for an emergency drug test at your job. They would definitely appreciate this and reward you with fine cash.

Your digital content is supposed to solve a problem, if your content can’t solve a problem then it’s not valuable! After picking a sub-niche, do ensure you solve a problem for that subset of people.

How much would it cost to create digital content?
As a matter of fact you can start without a dime, I started out with 5k and within 31days I made over 1million naira.
Here’s how I did it, after doing all my research, I picked a niche which is Entrepreneurship, I picked a sub-niche under that which is Entrepreneurs that use WhatsApp to sell. I noticed a lot of them couldn’t sell effectively on WhatsApp so I came up with a solution to help them sell like crazy, same solution I used to make 273 sales under 72hours on WhatsApp.
I talked to my Graphics designer, gave him a proposal and he agreed to make the Graphics without me paying him cash, I proposed to a lot of TVs, 10 agreed to run advertisements for me for 30straight days without me paying them cash(my way of proposing is different, I know what people need so I give them mind you, people don’t need money, they need the stuff that money can buy, nobody eats money, it’s just paper).
I spent my last 5k, as a matter of fact, that’s the only money with me then on data subscription.
That was how I was getting mad traffic and converting them to paying customers. To be honest, I haven’t made the content I was selling them, I was selling my words, and people held onto it, the craziest shit I’ve done! Strangers gave me their money without meeting me in person.
Long story short I bagged over 1m from creating digital content, as a matter of fact, I still sell that content up till tomorrow so there’s nothing like I ran out of supply. I determined my market, I could decide to seize the sales to balance demand and supply.

Why should you create digital content?
1: it requires low capital - you saw how much I used in starting up this business relatively low.

2: it has a high-profit margin - the price of the digital content is based on the value, I talked about making your digital content valuable by solving a problem for a sub-niche.
Imagine we wanna launch an ebook under the DRUG niche and we wanna target the MARIJUANA sub-niche to help people pass an early morning drug test after getting stoned from last night's party. We could budget a minimum of 15k (5k on production and 10k on TV ads) for this project. Because of the value in this ebook as you can see this can actually save someone his high-income job on Monday morning so we can price this book for 10k if we make 50sales in a month, that’s 500k with a starting budget of 15k - that’s a 485k profit🔥

3: it’s a very simple business model - have a marketing plan and follow it.

4: it has lesser risk - nothing like fire burn your shop in oshodi or water flood your home office in V.I, with quick backup to cloud storage you’re covered.

5: you’re not affected by location - I sold 99.9% of my digital content to people I haven’t met before! This is the internet - we don’t need to be fixed to a 4x4 space physical office. 

6: the stress is less - you can design your content to serve for a lifetime, you just have to create it once, use automated tools. All you just have to do is to be checking credit alert - you don’t have to deliver anything to anyone cutting logistics stress as well.

They are numerous reasons why you should create digital content, do consider it.
You can create digital content for any business niche eg mini importation video/ebook training, oil, and gas, Forex, Cryptocurrency, Graphics design, etc. the list is endless.




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