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Bang Rule eBook — The Ultimate Guild To Seduction For Nigerian Guys
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Don't Feel Guilty Because This Sounds Almost Too Easy To Be True

“In One e-Book, I Will Reveal To You A Compiled List Of Easy To Use Tricks & Secrets That You Can Use To Get Girls Most Guys Can Never Dream Of Ever Getting In Their Entire Life”


Don't Feel Guilty Because This Sounds Almost Too Easy To Be True

“In One e-Book, I Will Reveal To You A Compiled List Of Easy To Use Tricks & Secrets That You Can Use To Get Girls Most Guys Can Never Dream Of Ever Getting In Their Entire Life”


The Bang Rule e-Book

Now, that is not all…

Here is another promise. In my dangerously effective book of dating secrets, THE BANG RULE, I will pour on your laps detailed tips, tricks and secrets that will make 98 percent of the girls you approach to literally crawl over broken glass, begging you to date them.

Starting from some few days ago JUST a VERY SELECT FEW guys will be allowed to have access to the ebook and If after going through the book and you feel the tips in it will not work, call me up and I will do the following

  • Return every single kobo you paid for the e-book, give you back the airtime you used in calling me and offer you an unreserved apology for wasting your time.

Why Am I Making You Such A Crazy Offer?

Simple. Because I know you will be blown away with the underground, pretty-girls magneting secrets I will be placing in your hands that all you will be thinking is going out to get all the girls you ever wanted.

Why I’m I so sure about this…

Simple, because even though the ebook has just been released a whole lot of guys are already “confirming” it. Check out snapshots of the following messages:


Watsapp Message From A Reader

Here Is A Nairaland.com Comment About My eBook

Here Are More Watsapp Messages


I’m not showing you these pictures to impress you. Far from it. I’m showing you to motivate you and tell you that no matter how bad girls you liked in the past have treated you after you showed them all the love attention, you can still change and become a guy girls will go crazy for.

This not just motivation. It is the fact.

Just think about it; you have gone through my revealing and insightful email newsletter series, and over 9 days, you’ve learned so much about women and how to win them over.

Imagine the kind of things you will learn in an ebook where I poured in all of my major secrets and techniques all in one book…take a moment to imagine it.

Now Stay With Me...


What And What Exactly Would I REVEAL To You In My Ebook?

Let’s talk about: what exactly will I be revealing to you in my eBook; The Bang Rule? Here are some of them and the page numbers you are going to see them:

  • Two Things You Need To Do Within The First Five Minutes Of Walking Up To A Girl That Would Make Her Instantly Like you…. Page 52
  • How To Make A Girl Take Massive Interest In You Even To The Extent Of Chasing You Shamelessly…Page 45
  • One Simple Thing You Can Do That Will Make A Girl You Are Interested In To See You As A More Attractive Guy, Even If You Are Just A “Regular Guy” With No Six Packs…Page 54

That is just the beginning

  • I will reveal one way to start a conversation with a girl you just met that will cripple all her defenses and make her polite with you. This ONE WAY will ensure that girls never embarrass you when you walk up to them to woo them…Pages 55-56
  • The 12 traits any man can acquire that attracts women like magnet when a guy displays them. Master Just 3 or 4 out of those traits and You’ll have an advantage over most men. Master them all and no woman will be able to say no to you. Pages 73 - 82
  • What you must do if you want to keep a woman interested in you FOREVER (This is THE KEY to having a long-term relationship with a woman… miss just this one thing and she’ll move on to the next guy before you know it). Pages 28 – 30
  • The Three laws of seducing very pretty girls; if you follow this 3 laws you will be attracting girls other guys only dream of dating….these three laws are so simple that any guy can use them… Page 42
  • The deadly mistake many guys make when trying to sleep with a woman that guarantees they end up in “the friend zone” (If you only read one thing in this book, make sure it’s this). Pages 40 - 41
  • One trick MOST GUYS DON’T KNOW that you can use to make a woman want to come over to your house to pay you a visit, even when she knows you have the intention of having sex with her… Page 25.
  • Why the way you compliment girls is ABSOULUTELY wrong, In page 57 I will show you the right way to compliment a girl that will make her beam GENUIE SMILE at you and just love you for it…Page 57

WAIT, There is still more…

  • How to give a woman the crazy “I need to get this guy” feeling that they get when they meet a rich guy, even though you are not rich or famous….Page 65
  • One thing you need to do around a girl you are asking out that will make her feel lucky that you are asking her out….Page 69
  • Why directly asking a girl for sex never works and the RIGHT way to get a girl to have sex with you WITHOUT even asking her….Page 70
  • One thing you need to do that will QUICKLY turn you into a ladies’ man…even if you can’t look girls in the eyes now…. Page 77
  • One thing you should never do when asking a girl out – do them and you would be chasing her into another man’s arms. Hint: I ‘m very sure you are even doing it right now….Page 22
  • One way to talk to very pretty girls that will make them fall crazily in love with you. Talk to an average girl in this manner and you will have melting in submission at your feet.
  • What you should always do around a girl that would make her want to have sex with you. Do this one thing and she wouldn’t be able to resist you when you make sexual advances at her….Page 44

And lots more that I cannot reveal here. I will be revealing everything to the select few guys that will be allowed to buy my eBook


I won’t reveal the contents of this particular ebook here. You will only get to find out about the contents when you see it.

Only Very few people will be allowed to get the eBook because I don’t want a lot of people to know these secrets I’m about to reveal. Also, I’m afraid my ebooks will fall into the hands of pirates, so the fewer that get it the easier it would be for me to trace who pirates it

I will be showing you the exact secrets I use to get pretty girls that you too can use in your own life right away.

And of course, I will be giving you those fantastic bonuses too.

In all honesty, you will agree with me that all these should be priced really really high.

But guess what;

for a chance to lay your hands on a book that will completely change your dating life forever, completely put a stop to all the things you’ve been going through in girl’s hands over the past years, and eliminate the possibility of girls taking you for granted in the future – the price of the book is just a bargain (compared to the value you will be getting)


How Much Do You Think I Should Price My eBook?

Well, the eBook is NOT 10,000 naira (even though my close friends who reviwed the book told me to sell it at that price)

It is NOT 5000 naira either. (The half of 10000 nairas).

And it is NOT even 5000 naira.

Here it is -


It is my sincere desire to help you become a guy your dream girl will find attractive. Unfortunately, Only very few people will be able to get my eBook because of pirate issues, the rest who buy will have their money returned to them. Make sure you act now to be a part of this.

All the best


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